Counseling Session for Subject Selection (2024-25)

Subject Selection Form (2024-25)

Session 2024-25 Commencement

Expansion and augmentation of Ekayanaa School family

Time Change (2023-24)

Important Information (2023-24)

Picnic - Bouncy Bunch (2023-24)

Activity Days (2023-24)

Appu Ghar (2023-24)

Class Photograph (2023-24)

Graduation Ceremony (2023-24)

Safari Picninc (2023-24)

PTM UT-2, PT-2 & MT-2 Exam (2023-24)

Timings (2023-24)

Literature Fest (2023-24)

Scholarship Programme for session 2024-25

Republic Day Celebration (2023-24)

World Record by ISSC (2023-24)

Change in winter timings (2023-24)

Fourth installment of fees (2023-24)

Pre-Board Datesheet (2023-24)

Change in Schedule for Annual Function (2023-24)

Change in Schedule for Annual Function (2023-24)

Change in Schedule for Annual Function (2023-24)

Important dates for upcoming major events (2023-24

Time Change (Winter) 2023-24

Annual Function (2023-24)

Excursion Trip to Bhopal-Sanchi Stupa (2023-24)

Science and Math through experiments (2023-24)

Third installment of fees (2023-24)

Apna Chandrayaan (2023-24)

No classes on 26.10.2023 and 27.10.2023 (2023-24)

Orientation Programme for upcoming tour (2023-24)

Registration Check Class 9

Regular School (2023-24)

PTM (2023-24)

School Closed for Students on 11.09.2023 (2023-24)

CBSE LOC for Board Examination 2024

Schedule for Teachers' Day (2023-24)

Janmashtami Celebration (2023-24)

Ekayanaa MUN (2023-24)

Date Sheet for Evaluation-1 (2023-24)

Date Sheet for Term-1 & MT-2 (2023-24)

Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Important Information about School Uniform (2023-24)

EVS Project for Evaluation-1 (2023-24)

Independence Day Celebration (2023-24)

Choice of Mathematics (2023-24)

CBSE Registration Form (2023-24)

CBSE Registration Form (2023-24)

House Badge (2023-24)

Social Media Conduct (2023-24)

Second installment of fees (2023-24)

Learning Beyond Textbook (2023-24)

SOF Olympiad Exam (2023-24)

IIMUN Schedule (2023-24)

Delhi-Amritsar-Wagha Border Tour (2023-24)

Udaipur-Mount Abu-Chittaurgarh Tour (2023-24)

My Green Classroom Activity (2023-24)

CBSE Class XII Board Result 2023

CBSE Class X Board Result 2023

Date Sheet for UT-1 (2023-24)

Date Sheet for UT-1 and PA-1 (2023-24)

GPS (2023-24)

Date Sheet for PA-1 & MA-1 (2023-24)

School re-opening revised schedule (2023-24)

School opening revised schedule (2023-24)

Books & Stationery (2023-24)

School Re-opening (2023-24)

Important Information (2023-24)

Important Information (2023-24)

First circular for session (2023-24)

3 Bag Less Days (2023-24)

Unleashing the Artwork (2023-24)

Online class schedule (2023-24)

Online class schedule (2023-24)

Change in school time (2023-24)

Three Bag Less Day (2023-24)

Three Bag less Day (2023-24)

CCA (2023-24)

Sports Activity CCA (2023-24)

First circular for session 2023-24

Scholarship Programme (2022-23)

Subject Choice Form for Class 11 (2023-24)

Datesheet Review 2 (2022-23)

First circular for session 2023-24

Important Information (2022-23)

Annual Result PTM (2022-23)

Time Change 22.02.2023

Final Exam Date Sheet (2022-23)

PTM Unit Test-II (2022-23)

Pariksha Pe Charcha

Republic Day Celebration (2022-23)

Change in Schedule for Annual Function (2022-23)

Pre-board 2 (2022-23)

Annual Exam Date Sheet (2022-23)

Annual Exam Date Sheet (2022-23)

Practical Examination Date Sheet (2022-23)

Revised Unit Test-2 Datesheet

Time Change

Pariksha Pe Charcha (2022-23)

Annual Function (2022-23)

Date Sheet UT-2 (2022-23)

Online Classes (2022-23)

Change in Schedule for Annual Function (2022-23)

Datesheet of MT and Pre-Board (2022-23)

Datesheet of PT-2 (2022-23)

Orientation Programme for upcoming tour (2022-23)

Winter Time Change (2022-23)

Annual Function Postpone (2022-23)

Mowgli Camp (2022-23)

Mowgli Activity on Children's Day (2022-23)

Informal Farewell Party Outside School (2022-23)

PTM (2022-23)

Academic Calendar (Term-2)

Winter Uniform

Snow City Trip (2022-23)

Annual Function (2022-23)

Excursion Trip Pune-Lonavala-Imagica (2022-23)

Excursion Trip Ranthambor and Jaipur (2022-23)

MUN (2022-23)

Seminar on Cyber Safety & Awareness (2022-23)

PTM (2022-23)

Holiday on 07.10.2022 (2022-23)

Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (2022-23)

Slight change in departure time (2022-23)

Weight of School Bag (2022-23)

Review-1 Date Sheet (2022-23)

Dates of Olympiad Examinations (2022-23)

Oral Exam (2022-23)

Date Sheet for Evaluation-1 (2022-23)

DPT or TD Vaccination

Schedule on 05.09.2022 (Teachers' Day) 2022-23

Early Departure (2022-23)

Date sheet for Term-1/MT-2 Examination (2022-23)

Plantation (2022-23)

Schedule for Independence Day Celebration (2022-23)

PTM (2022-23)

GPS for Bus Routes (2022-23)

Har Ghar Tiranga (2022-23)

National Guidance Festival

My Green Classroom Activity (2022-23)

CBSE Class X Board Result 2022

CBSE Class XII Board Result 2022

Change in Departure Time with effect from Monday, 18.07.2022

House Badge (2022-23)

Olympiad Examinations (2022-23)

Students Council (2022-23)

Online PTM (2022-23)

Optional PTM (2022-23)

PT-1 Datesheet (2022-23)

Change in Schedule (Election) 2022-23

Class X Choice of Mathematics (2022-23)

Club Selection (2022-23)

Club Selection (2022-23)

Photograph for Identity Card

Subject Enrichment Activity (SEA) Booklets

Holiday due to Panchayat Election

IIT Madras Course

Co-curricular Activities

Session Commencement 2022-23

Important Information 2022-23

Important Information 2022-23

Sansad Internship Program (2022-23)

Subject Selection for Class 11 (2022-23)

First circular for session 2022-23

Art and Dance Workshop (2022-23)

Admit Card (2021-22)

Time Change (2022-23)

Important Points (2022-23)

Graduation Ceremony

Important Information

Result PTM

First circular for session 2022-23

Result PTM


Date Sheet for Review-2

Practical Exam

PTM for class X and XII Pre-Board 1 Examination

Date Sheet for Evaluation 2

Change due to offline exams of senior classes

Important Information

Important Information

Date sheet for Evaluation 2

Time Change

Second Dose of Vaccination

Term End Exam Date Sheet

Practical Exam Date Sheet

Intimation of partial payment of Annual Charges

Offline Classes

Offline Classes

World Record 2 (Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav)

World Record 1 (Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat)

Republic Day

Longest Virtual Presentations


Covid-19 vaccination for children of 15 to 18 years age group

CBSE Registration (2021-22)

Continue online classes

Term-1 End Board Exam

Offline Classes

Admit Card

Mock Test

Mock Test

Important Updates

Important Updates

PTM Term-1 (Class 12)

Ekayanaa MUN Conference 2021

Academic Calendar Term-2

Academic Calendar

Veer Gatha Project

SOF Result (Session: 2020-21)

Moments of Pride

Term-1 Examination, PTM (VI to IX) 2021-22

Class X mark-sheet collection regarding (2020-21)

Talent Odyssey (Club Fest)

Date Sheet for Evaluation-1 (2021-22)

Term-1 Examination (2021-22)

Pre-board Term-1 Examination (2021-22)

Expression Series Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav

Survey for offline

Survey for offline

SOF Exam Dates

CBSE LOC Checking (2021-22)

Physical Classes for students

Offline Classes

Survey for offline

Offline Classes

Discovery Super League 2021.

Second Instalment (Session 2021-22)

Correct use of Email ID

Survey for offline classes

Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav

CBSE online career guidance and counselling

Date Sheet for Unit Test-1 (2021-22)


Academic Calendar (I to V)

Academic Calendar Term-1

Session 2021-22 Commencement regarding

Payment of Fee (First Installment: Session 2021-22)

Payment of Fee (First Instalment Session 2021-22)

Subject Selection Form (Session 2021-22)

Fee Reduction

PTM Pre-board-1

Conduct of session ending examination (IX and XI)

Pariksha Pe Charcha

Toy Fair

Date sheet for final examination

Conduct of session ending examination

Conduct of session ending examination

Offline Pre-board Exam for class X

Reopening of School for classes IX and XI (2020-21)

Reopening of School (2020-21)

Holidays from December 2020 to March 2021

Mega National Inter School Event - Impressions 2K20

Urgent Request for paying the Tuition Fee

CBSE Expression Series 2020-21

International BRICS Math Online Competition 2020

Payment of tuition fee during Pandemic era

CBSE Āryabhata Ganit Challenge-2019

Online Activity on Seven Wonders of the World

Online Activity on Nature

Online Activity on Historical Monuments

Online Activity - Webinar on A.I.

Science Olympiad Foundation - Awardees & Awards (2019-2020)

CBSE Reading Contest 2019-20

Online Competition - Stand-up Comedy, Monologue, Mimicry Live Competition (2020-21)

Online Competition - Poetry Recital, Story Telling Live Competition (2020-21)

Online Activity, Expressions (2020-21)

Online Activity, Mind Fizz (2020-21)

CBSE LOC (Class 10) 2020-21

SOF Examination

Online Competition, Documentary Making (2020-21)

Online Competition, Group (Family) Song (2020-21)

Online Competition, Dress Designing (2020-21)

Online Competition, Shloka Recitation (2020-21)

Online Competition, Rhyme (2020-21)

Online Competition, Folk Song Singing (2020-21)

Online Competition, Talk Rocks (2020-21)

Online Competition, Mind Talks (2020-21)

Online Competition, Poster Making (2020-21)

Online Competition, Best out of Waste (2020-21)

Online classes for Nursery to Sr.KG

Revised Circular For Payment Of Fees Session 2020-21

Information Regarding Payment Of Fees Session 2020-21

First Circular For Session 2020-21

First Circular For Classes VI-X

Rehearsal Circular For Annual Function (Classes I To X) 2019-20