ekayanaa School That believes in letting every child live upto his or her true potential.

At Ekayanaa, we believe each and every child is a unique individual and has the inherent potential to bring something positive to the world. Our philosophy is to help children use their abilities to their best through development of all domains of human personality i.e. intellectual, physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual. At the same time we wish to nurture basic human values in them like truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence so that young children are transformed into courageous, industrious, helpful and peace loving human beings, who become responsible global citizens.

Meaning of the wordekayanaa

Ekayanaa is a Sanskrit word which means ‘one path or one vehicle’. It symbolizes a journey towards one's inner self, a journey of self discovery and self realization. It aims to help one attain peace and harmony with oneself and the world.


एकायना का भावार्थ है एक पथ, एक यात्रा या यात्रा का एक साधन। यह अंतःकरण की ओर की जाने वाली, स्वयं को खोजने या जानने के लिए की जाने वाली यात्रा का सूचक है। एकायना स्वयं के और सम्पूर्ण जगत के मध्य सामंजस्य व समरसता स्थापित करने की यात्रा है।